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What kinds of applications would ball screws be used for

What kinds of applications would ball screws be used for?

Ball screws are typically useful in both low and high-load applications because of their high efficiency. Very typical applications include military and commercial aircraft, where they are used in stabilizers, landing gears, engine actuators and wing positioning. Less advanced applications include semiconductor and roots applications. They can be used in water transport systems and milling-machine tables as well as automotive applications.

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Why should I choose to use a ball screw for a system?

The main reason to choose a ball screw for a system is the need for control. An electrically driven ball screw is much easier and more accurate than compared to pneumatic and or hydraulic systems. This advantage is exaggerated with the need for high accuracy due to ball screws being able to position within micron accuracy. Other than very high accuracy, ball screws can easily reach high linear speeds up to 2 meters per second with long strokes up to 5 meters, and are highly efficient.

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